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5 Reasons why you should hire a Professional Wedding DJ

Sometimes hiring an amateur DJ because of a tight budget comes with a much high price tag. Here are some things you should consider before you make your choice of DJ for your big day:

1. Will your DJ still be in business by the time your wedding comes around?

People normally book their wedding entertainment a good year in advance so they can get the best and not who's still available - this is a sound idea, however it comes with the issue that many DJs come and go in the business. I see new DJs appearing daily and they promote very appealing prices and packages however, this can often mean they fail to sustain a longer term business and when disaster hits and believe me I get some shocking repair bills, they have to wrap in as they can't afford to continue.

There are also a load of hobby DJs who just don't know the first thing about wedding discos as have spent there DJing days doing club gigs and simply decide they don't like the extra pressure the wedding market comes with. The last thing you want is having to find another DJ because yours is bankrupt, bored or worse.

2. Amateurs are less invested in their performance and presentation?

When you're doing things for fun and a little extra money if something goes wrong, it's not a big deal. Wrong, it is a big deal as it's a once in a lifetime experience for you. For the full time professional it's their entire reputation and livelihood on the line so making sure things are done well is practically a guarantee. One bad review can kill a business so this is the last thing any serious DJ wants.

The professional will almost always look the part with a smart rig, branded clothing (even for setting up), making the whole stage presentable, safe and of course suitable for the wedding market. I've seen some weddings where the photographer has wanted to die when he sees a laser rave during the first dance rather than a subtle light routine.

3. DJs who charge less don't invest as much on equipment and backups.

Having not just professional equipment, but the right equipment costs money and a good PA system can be heard clearly all the way through its volume range. Small rooms and spacious venues have different characteristics so may need different setups. You may not be going for the loud club type disco feel and may want more of a dinner dance or cocktail party style where the music isn't the main feature. The music should also be progressive starting quiet and getting louder once it's needed.

Anyone who has been in the trade for a few years knows that both accidents and the unknown can happen. You can look after your equipment impeccably but there all prone to going pop once in awhile. Does your DJ have a backup, spares, contingency plan?

4. Professionals are often more prepared.

A professional DJ will often spend the whole day before your wedding reception planning. Be it the route to drive, checking they have all your song requests, preparing their equipment and clothing, or just brushing up on names and the other information like first dance and times. One of our policies is to not take on any other work the same day as a wedding so we have all day to prepare and don't turn up weary from an afternoon booking.

I often see DJs cramming in 2-3 jobs in a day with barely enough travel and set up time so that if anything goes wrong, your not going to get the service your paying for. You don't want an apology that traffic was bad, you want your DJ set up on time and feeling fresh.

5. The person behind the Mic can have a big impact on how successful your party is!

The DJ can impact on the moon of the event and there personality will affect how you and your guests interface with them. A DJ also needs to recognise the occasion and refrain from doing anything to inappropriate on the mic. A good DJ is also a good timekeeper and can keep your party running to plan. This means you don't need to keep your eyes on the time and will ensure you get plenty of time to party.

Then there is the flow of the event to consider. You've heard the phrase all the gear but no idea - well we have a ton of experience in entertaining at wedding receptions as well as some great gear.

Andy P

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