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500 - Not Out

Due to both illness and being busy I missed getting this post out when it was due but last month saw us pass the 500 mark for gig performed since starting up in Nov 2013.  That's 500 clients who have trusted me to perform at their events, 500 clients who have helped us to grow with many of them leaving reviews and recommending us to family and friends, 500 clients who have helped me to grow the business and to invest in what is now one of the best Disco's around.

As the bookings now come in much faster we are getting booed up further in advance and become the brand we always dreamed of being.  People now come looking for us rather than we having to look for them.  We're not finished however, big plans are in place for the next 5 years including new products and services and perhaps some expansion.  So many thanks once again to all the clients who have got us to this milestone.

Andy P

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