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Johnny and Jade

We don't let anything get in the way of a great wedding reception

This was the first of two bookings at the Cairn Hotel in Harrogate this summer so it would be a great scouting mission and the start didn't quite go according to plan.

The hotel power source was struggling to cope with the Love Letters, Photo Booth and my larger Disco Rig so after tripping the power a few times it was decided between us that the best outcome was to reduce the drain and I offered to use my normal speaker system over the bigger one I'd chosen.

Sometimes it about doing what is best and yes I had to practically set up again but some of these older hotels have wiring and fuse boxes that are many many years old. It's about getting the show on and that's what we did. All of this was done so as not to worry the bride and groom and come start time everything was as it should be.

But would that be the end? Well not quite as we got going with the first dance and daddy/daughter dance as was scheduled. The mother of the groom came over just after distressed that she had gone to her room and missed it all and she was gutter about it. With a quick check with Johnny and Jade we made an excuse to do it all again - the outcome one happy mother.

The room was split equally old and young so I started with a load of classics which filled the floor from early doors. There were some sections that didn't fully connect and only a couple of people wanted requests but they also were very specific to them. This all changed later on and I managed to find the right songs and get the flow going.

Johnny and Jade were delighted and even dropped me a message and a review but better still I got a nice personal message from Dorothy, the mother of the groom to thank me for not making a fuss and re-running the first dance without letting on why.

Are you looking for a wedding DJ, and someone who just makes things happen like they should without any drama. Why not drop me a message to see why hundreds of couples each year choose me to perform on their big day.

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