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Look a little Closer...

Something that I learned a long time ago is picking the right tool for the job makes everything so much easier and you probably get a more professional outcome. When it come to more specific stuff something I have learned over my years of DJing is that being good at one thing, does not make you good at another. Each kind of party has a very specific set of skills needed to do well.

Let's start with a couple of analogies. If you want a tooth out you go to see a Dentist, however if you need more specialist work perhaps on jaw and teeth alignment you will be sent to see an Orthodontist. Similarly if you have an issue with your feet you may visit the Chiropodist, but if you have Diabetes or a circulator issues in the lower limbs you may need more specialised Podiatrist.

Now I know DJ's don't need to spend years in University and get a BSC Honors degree but there is a great deal of difference between dressing up and Barney the Dinosaur and dancing the Cha Cha Slide and Doing Formal Dinner announcements at a Wedding or Corporate function. Being a kids entertainer is something I tried but felt out of my comfort zone hence why we no longer offer parties for under 13's. I'll leave that to the many specialist kids entertainers around the region who can do bouncy castles, glitter tattoos, facepainting and have loads of mascots to hire.

Getting a Wedding Professional to perform at your big day be it a DJ or Band or Singer means they will be so much more savvy with the order of service. Many kids entertainers are yet to suffer a drunk guest or how they announce a first dance. DJing a wedding can be daunting with a lot of expectation resting on your shoulders, and believe me its a lot harder to meet the expectations of a Bride on a once in a lifetime event than it is a 4 year old who is meeting a Minion.

Top tip is to always look at reviews on somewhere like facebook where they are highly likely to be real, but also look for ones that show the same kind of event your planning so you know other clients were happy with the service received. It's unfortunate but you simply can't be a specialist in every field.

Another big difference between a Wedding DJ and Kids entertainer is event length. Wedding are generally 5 hours or longer and a kids entertainer will be looking to do 2 parties in this time. So less time is spent on the details, there normally in and out in 20 mins. No programmed light shows, no real thought about the playlist and they tend to work in less formal venues. Someone catering for a lot of kids parties might even be using a rig which has been tailored to these needs so will it look resplendent in your wedding room?

Its over to you now - have fun planning your wedding and never forget that a good DJ is an expert who can help you in many ways, not just playing the music.

Andy P

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