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Mark and Courtney

The Texans are coming to the Northumberland Coast for a good old Hoe Down

So Mark is English and Courtney hails from Texas, sounds like a good love story in the making to me. Early on Mark had advised that there may be some musical challenges with the family loving country music and line dance, not a problem if your wife to be can send me song pointers and a few songs.

They married on the beach and managed to find a nice break in what was some bad weather. Start time was delayed quite a bit and it was the day before my holidays - I was flying to Portugal at 4am so no sleep for me once done.

I tried to break the music into decent section of typical wedding stuff and the American requests. For the most part it worked well and I think I even enjoyed some of the line dance tracks, it's not something I usually go for. They loved anything that had a dance to it so I broke my duck with VIC Wobbly and the Cupid Shuffle.

This wedding easily takes the trophy for best formation dancing seen and the effort given to Thriller was sublime, I wanted to join in. Come 12pm there were some tired legs and I was happy that Mr and Mrs Hankins had partied well with their guests.

It has to be said I love a visit to Newton Hall, I get on great with the staff, I even did the manager a favour and drove a van full of furniture back from the beach for him while I waited to set up, anything to get me i the good books as relationships with the venues matter.

If you're looking for a Wedding DJ at Newton Hall and think you might need someone who can handle music that is a little different to the norm drop me a message.

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