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Nicholas and Nicola

The Hudsons knew exactly what their guests wanted and the party was a smash!

My return to Eshott Hall had been a long time in the waiting, my only previous gig there had been a new year and a really good night. Thus I was looking forward to my visit and Nicola had provided me with a list of guest requests collected before hand.

Lists can be helpful but they can also be a hindrance if there too long and strict so I always try to urg couples to be flexible around them, but even the photographer commented on how lit the place was and that I couldn't be just guess what songs would do this. I had to admit to him I had guidance but there was still a lot of skill in picking when to play them and what to follow a song up with.

I have to comment on what a lovely couple the Hudsons were and they were so cool to work with. I love it when I feel at ease with the client and it makes things so much more fluid. At the same time its hats off to the guests who also did their part in filling the dance floor and creating that party atmosphere the truly great wedding parties have.

One of the great things with Eshott is the drive up, it's just the right length to get your head into party mode and enjoy the travelling at the same time. I always seem to get asked when I head up past Morpeth why I'm happy travelling so far. In truth it's an easy answer. Stunning venues, great scenery, nice people and a relaxing drive. I worked the 9-5 in the city for years and that puts you off commuting for life.

I was sad come finish time, I could have played on but we all know stop time is for a good reason at these country houses, the residents moved their for peace and quiet and the local councils can be harsh on noise pollution.

If your looking for a wedding DJ who know the staff and venue at Eshott and has a 100% record of banging parties their get in touch. For now though good luck to Mr and Mrs Hudson.

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