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About the planner

As part of the confirmation email you were given access to the planning system which has a dual purpose, it is where I keep all of my booking information and diary, but also allows clients to log in and track their booking and provide additional information for the event.

The front pages is very briefly a description of what you can do, there are 4 tabs and the logout button.

Most importantly on this page is the Upcoming Event Section. From here you can use the planning forms or make a payment, the event details only become available after you have used the plan my event section. Payments are made using the Stripe platform via debit or credit card. This is an safe industry standard platform used by many businesses. As always first thing you should do is make sure all the details are correct. These have been in the main imported directly from your booking form with a few bits added by myself. Any issues can be fixed by dropping me a message or using the request changes feature.

Most people want to dive in and manage the music. Before you do I have a few blog posts such as this one It will explain a bit about why there is a 30 song limit and what you can do about it. Of course I want to play the music you want at your event but I'm hoping you booked me as you trust me and want to benefit from the years of experience I have.

To add music there are four tabs and I would very much suggest using Add Your Own. Unless you want a bit of inspiration in which case the others will let you search for songs or artists. Please be aware if the song you want isn't listed under song or artists this does not mean I don't have it, just use the add own function and type it in. When it comes to remixes or specific versions these are often downloaded on request.

First Dance - you can add it but 30 days prior to your event you'll get a form where you can send me this and other info.

Songs you don't want - This can be marked as Hate these, but to save space if there is anything not to your taste it can be messaged over.

Adding songs can be a slow process and is just a feature of the planner. Some clients might have made a Spotify playlist and I can use a converter tool to print out these songs if that is your preference. Again I'd suggest keeping the list short to account for requests on the night etc.

My profile will allow you to amended any of your personal details that might change or perhaps you want to swap the access to your partner. Click the edit button and edit away. Should you ever lose access to the planning tool a quick email to me can have a reminder sent over.

Contact provides you with a quick and easy contact form as well as my details for phone, email and postal address. Some happy clients send me cards after their events.

The last part to tell you about, well it's more for complex bookings such as all day weddings where a lot is happening and you require announcements or MCing. The timeline lets you add all of the activities and a time, you can leave a comment if I need to do anything. It can save you making your own planner however it is pretty basic.

The tool is a free add on, you are not obliged to use it if you prefer not to. On my side it lets me manage bookings effectively and make sure you get regular emails about your event, I can check on payments and I do at times run additional DJs so I can manage them too.

Any questions please feel free to message or use the planners contact form.

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