• Andy Przybyla

The Great Wedding Award Scam

Disclaimer: Yes I have myself entered wedding awards in the past, been to the gala dinner events and posted my results. Before I had my eyes opened however into the fact wedding awards are just a way for some people in the industry to make money and give other supplies a foot up.

Lets start with what is a Wedding Award. It's an accolade for doing well in your chosen profession and rising to the top of that field for a year. A team of judges is assembled to vet your performance and rate you vs your contemporaries based mainly on client feedback.

Far too often the panel of judges will know the people entering, or operate in a different field entirely so are not fairly placed to judge you. Client feedback while great is really down to how vocal your clients and and if your pushing them for feedback. There is also a far more unscrupulous side I have discovered where you can pay for votes and fake feedback.

So your not really judged on your ability, none of the judges ever see you perform and its really easy to rig the voting. You have to either pay to enter or buy a ticket for the gala dinner where the awards are presented and while its a good night out and a knees up for hardworking suppliers and a great chance to network, are the "best" actually winning the awards.

Now the award winners will call me salty but please tell me how there were awards given for 2020 when none of us were able to work? I have two colleagues who were beleaguered to win awards they didn't know there were entered for. On top of this there are probably over 5 awards per year for the north east so which ones matter? They normally have a different winner so does this mean there are 5 best DJ's or Photographers each year.

There a great marketing ploy but in the end there just one business giving another a badge for their website and social media that mean absolutely nothing what so ever. I've had my eyes opened and won't be bothering. Finding the right DJ is hard but do the leg work, speak to them, look through their social media, do as much due diligence as you can, you might be surprised what you can find out.

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