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Will and Emma

An eventful trip to the Lake District for a

right old knees up

It's no secret that one of the reasons I love my job is that it gets me all over the north of England and to some truly stunning venues, with equally stunning drives. This was one such wedding and despite some rain, the scenery was amazing.

It was my first trip to the venue so I got there earlier than normal and was ready to go as the guests were shepherded out for turnaround. I met and had a quick chat with Charlotte Arliss the photographer and her assistant, then got the rig up. It was a nice easy load in - my favourite...

Will and Emma came straight over to meet me, they seemed very happy to see me then I remembered they had booked another local DJ before me and he had gone quiet on them and they lost their deposit in cancelling him. So yes they were glad I had turned up.

I had a list of songs that seemed to strongly point towards soft rock being a thing but when played it didn't really light the floor up - but they said the songs were picked by the guests. The couple seemed fine to let me run the show and would like some dance music later on which was already on the cards.

I struggled to get a decent first dance photo as I was in the corner of the room, as per usual the love letters got pride of place which I just don't understand. As you can see from the photo below setting a DJ up to the side means the lights and sound are directed wrong but I can only advise.

Once we got running it was full floor for a good 90% of the time. You always get a couple of songs that miss the mark. The guests also gave me quite a few requests. Dirty Dancing the Spice Girls were big on the night. There was an 11pm exodus with it being a Sunday but half the crowd were still there and most of them were the ones dancing.

Will and Emma were over the moon and the end and we had a good old chat. Then once packed I got on the road, they'd asked me to be safe so I was driving all nice. But only 30 mins from the venue I was stopped for a random breath test. And being the consummate professional I am - the result was a zero, however the officer would not let me photo the result or have a selfie lol.

Looking for a DJ to cover a wedding in the Lake District? Want a DJ you can rely on and stay in touch all the way through the booking? Why not drop me a message like Will and Emma did, you won't be disappointed.

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