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I consider myself to be an expert in the field having performed at hundreds of weddings over the past 5 years

Weddings are my speciality, so I know the drill and will ensure everything runs smoothly. I believe in offering nothing but a first class service from start to finish. With my wealth of experience and your vision we can create a great night and moments that will last forever.


Booking with me means on the day of your wedding, the only place I'll be is at your wedding

You are my one and only priority come your big day. I won't be filling up the day with kids parties or other bookings. If plans change I'm flexible and just a phone call away. I offer a full day service which many couples take up so I can be onsite providing music and announcements throughout the day.


The highlight of any evening reception is the First Dance and I want to make it beyond perfect for you

I've seen it so many times, the couple rehearse a dance to the perfect song and the photographer is there ready to capture that perfect moment and bang, the light show ruins the shots and blinds the crowd.  For the first dance I offer a choice of hearts or stars in a colour to match your theme so your first dance as man and wife is perfect - the photographer will love me.


We are proud to have featured several times in Belle Bridals Real Wedding Stories

Nothing touches the heart more than a bride and groom sharing the story of their big day and recognising the part you played in making it unique and special.  We've been featured in the stories of a few of our clients over the past few years and along with our reviews feel this demonstrates the type of service I love to provide.


A wedding is not a normal party!

 So the DJ needs to be so much more prepared than they would for an everyday party.  The timelines are different, the ante is upped, and more and more Brides and Grooms are wanting input into the style and vibe of the entertainment. 


DJs need to be so much more adaptable, not only in meeting and getting to know their clients but also to have contingencies in place should anything happen to ensure the show can go on.  Rigs need to look smarter, lights need to be more subtle and effective, music choices should reflect that guest often come from further afield.

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