Your wedding is one of the biggest days of your life, planning it is a daunting task and your options are almost endless.  You might not realise it now but one of the most important and most overlooked choices about your big day is selecting your Wedding DJ.

My approach is a little different to the norm or traditional, some supplier refuse to move with the times and keep up with current trends, not me.  On top of this I want to be there performing and contributing to the success of the even without becoming the centre of attention - that is your Job!

Disco Couture goes the extra mile, client satisfaction is paramount and I hope this pages answers all your questions on why you should stop your search and choose me to provide the music and hosting on your Big Day.  Don't just hire a DJ, hire someone you can trust.

Wedding DJ Rig

Combining the Look with Technology​

Of course you want the DJs setup to look good but that should not come at the expense of functionality.  I have created a resilient system to cater for your special day bringing together high quality equipment with smart presentation.  I invest heavily each year in improving and perfecting the disco I bring to your party.

Wedding DJ First Dance

Our Planning System Makes Life Easy

For many years we have used the same award winning client management system to allow our customers to see what we see regarding their booking.  You can check 24/7 all the information is correct, add in a timeline for your event, choose your favourite songs and tell me what you don't like as well as make payments and send messages direct.


A Real DJ behind the Decks

I don't just make a playlist, press play and put my hands up in the air.  When you book me, you're get a DJ who mixes, uses sensible programming, reads the dance floor and build the party up as the night goes on.  I use the mic as needed to make announcements, host and to help the flow of the party - I don't ramble all night.

Wedding Disco First Dance

The Service Starts from Day One

If you book a service you expect them to turn up on the day and get on with it, that's not my way.  From the day you book and often before hand I'm here to help.  As an industry expert I have helped many couples make important decisions using a decade of experience working at weddings, I know and have worked alongside many top suppliers and network with the best of them regularly.


A Truly Exclusive Service

I believe in value for money and my prices have always been fair, competitive and reflecting my level of experience and equipment.  What I feel sets me apart from many is that your fee covers not only the performance time, but the whole day of your event.  I only take one booking per day so should things change I'm there to help, and will always arrive fresh and prepared.


Its Not Just Weddings 

About 80% of my bookings are for weddings so that why I brand as a wedding DJ.  I do however perform at other functions and residencies.  I'm well known for my theme nights playing in hotels, I host weekly karaoke nights and have performed at hundreds of engagements, birthdays, xmas parties and just about any occasion you can think of.

Performing at all the Best Venues in the Region

The north east of England is blessed with some of the best wedding venues in the land.  I am proud to have played at most of them and better still have a great relationship with the staff, knowledge of the performance area and what works well.  Each venue is different so its good to have a DJ who can adapt.



Some Kind Words from Previous Clients

I would never just expect you to take my word for how great the service is, here are some snippets from previous clients.  You'll find reviews and recommendations all over the place, on my Google listing and Facebook page to name a few.  I probably have over 200 five star testimonials I can point you and I've always been transparent in posting my feedback each year from the wedding awards.