Sound and Vision.

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It's About all of your Senses

When I started out I made the same mistake many mobile DJs do, thankfully I realised and changed it and once I did people noticed.  What am I talking about?  Getting the balance of audio and visuals correct.  You see, one of the biggest changes that was made in the transition from dance halls to discos and clubs was the addition of lighting.  When the pulse of the light matches the beat of the music your senses attune and enjoyment increases.  Bass adds a third sense into the mix as you can feel it in the floor thumping and helping you match your body to the beat.  When your heart rate matches the beat of the music a homeostasis is achieved - you have reached euphoria.


Let's talk about Music

To me there are two types of music, music you listen to (in the car or bath) and music you dance to.  Both have a place in a well planned party, starting with your background/ambient music while people meet and chat, then moving to more upbeat dance music played with increased volume later in the night.


The First Dance

This is so important to me.  There is a growing trend for not having one but for me its a key part of the ceremony.  Lets dispense with the history, many people see it as key to when the dancing can start.  Its a terrific photo opportunity and spotlight moment.  I've developed great lighting scenes for the first dance with stars or hearts illuminating the dance floor.  Its my favourite moment of the wedding!


What will be in the Playlist?

As mentioned I'm more than happy to work with my clients to build a list of songs right for the event.  Some want more control than others of course and this is welcomed.  I'm happy to take requests from your guests, after all they'll be up dancing too.  My job is to bring it all together, program it and create the soundtrack to the night.  My suggestion is to provide 20-30 songs you like to dance to.


High Quality Audio

Before I ever became a DJ, I was a music lover and audiophile.  To me you either listen to music in full range hi-fidelity or you don't.   I still have a turntable at home for authentic playback.  This means on the road I don't settle for anything less than exceptional.  I have a choice of PA systems and select which I use based on the venues size and shape.  All my music is in high bit rate or lossless format.


A Sensational Light Show

Using a combination of moving heads, barrels and wash lights my light show has been designed to compliment the music I play.  Its all under my control via my laptop and there are programs to suit all types of music.  This is state of the art lighting, not cheap and tacky units you find with some DJs who think blinding people with strobes and lasers makes for a good display.  Ask me about room up-lighting too.


It's Nothing Without Presentation 

The DJ booth is my workstation and I've built mine to be functional and comfortable as well as looking professional.  Better still my set up design is modular so it works in small spaces and large spaces alike.  I can set up with a compact PA system and lights attached to the booth, of spread out with podiums to hold the lights filling the room better.

Want to hear me mixing?

These are live mixes from my home studio to demonstrate my ability.
Being able to mix a number of different genres means we can do this with more eclectic party music.

If you like these follow our Mixcloud where you can find more mixes.