Wedding Specialists.

Picking the right DJ with the right skills for your Big Day!

Remove the Worry by Hiring an Expert

Trust me, no two weddings are the same.  I'e done hundreds over the past decade, around 2 per week and each couple has spent a lot of time and effort making their wedding day individual to them.  Clubs DJs will prepare sets, radio DJs will prepare shows and wedding DJs prepare by getting to know their couple.

So how do I go about actually backing up the Specialist claim?  I spend a lot of time learning, developing and taking on feedback.  I've never rested on my laurels and I take the time to network with other wedding DJs and other wedding suppliers to learn more about the industry.  I focus my whole workflow on wedding clients and have changed many processes to suit as you will see below.


Becoming Exclusive

Some DJs try to pack it all in one day, 2 kids parties, drop off a photo booth and then onto the evening wedding.  Not for me, I want my clients to have something I feel is unique in the industry, a DJ that takes one and only one booking per day.  I'm gonna arrive fresh, prepared and full of energy to rock your night.  My mind will be nowhere else.


The Host with the Most

I'm a great Master of Ceremonies (MC) trained in microphone use and able to give crisp, clear announcements that build up the key moments.  It won't be cheesy or over the top, I'll keep it fun and professional but rest assured you won't find me scared to pick up the microphone like some DJs.


Amazing First Dances

I've seen it so many times, the couple rehearse a dance to the perfect song and the photographer is there ready to capture that perfect moment and bang, the light show ruins the shots and blinds the crowd.  For the first dance I offer a choice of hearts or stars in a colour to match your theme so your first dance as man and wife is perfect - the photographer will love me.


Featured in Belle Bridal Magazine

I've been mentioned in 3 episodes of Belles Real Life Weddings:

Emma and Carl
Claire and Ross
Dawn and Steven