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Does the age of the DJ matter?

What you won't get in this blog post is an answer to this question, it's more for a debate.  I do however feel my age is a positive to my DJing ability rather than a hindrance.  DJs come in all ages, shapes and sizes that is for sure and one of the assets I feel I have is that having lived through some of the best decades and sampled a real disco, played from vinyl and attended many functions does help make me a better DJ.

I've learned music in a different way to someone just starting out who is having to cram to pick up artists and genres.  Yes I put in time each week to listen to new stuff, remixes and see what other DJs are doing and playing but Im not having to do the same with historical stuff.  In fact I've probably forgot just as many good songs as I can remember and love coming across hidden gems.

When it comes to throwbacks I probably liked the songs the first time around - it often staggers me when I hear kids listening to Hall and Oates a band I loved when I was their age.  It was great to be able to direct my son who loves good music to bands like ELO or singers like Bob Marley who were great influences on my music taste.

I do often wonder can a young DJ have the same breadth of knowledge as the older DJ.  I often wonder if they are better suited to younger crowds and older DJs should keep to a more mature crowd.  It would make sense for a DJ in their 20s to be doing 18th and 21st birthdays wouldn't it?  Similarly can a DJ in their 20s really recreate an 80s theme disco if they have never been to one?

So what do you think.... leave us a message below

Andy P

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