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Enter the Millennials

If your not familiar with the term, they are Generation Y which has been renamed "Millennials".  People reaching young adulthood in the early 21st century.  These now make up the majority (around 90%) of our clients.  They're having 21st Birthdays, Christenings Parties for their kids, Engagement Parties, Weddings, Kids Birthday Parties.  Millennials unlink many generations that have gone before, seem to want things different and don't like being told what to do or conforming to the norms.

So yes this impacts on the DJ industry.  They don't like being told how to dance, they are less inclined to do traditional aspects of weddings such as bouquet toss or garter shots.  Millennials don't seem to like line dances or gimmicks as much as the older generations, they have a much broader interest in music and aesthetics.  This means DJing is less about hogging the mike and MCing as it is actual DJing.  Mixing good music, swapping BPMs around, keeping the floor awake.  

As a business we have to embrace change and it seems doing things the traditional way may not be what is best for the future. If this means we have to pack up the Macarena and Cha Cha Slide then so be it.  Generation Z is not far behind and they might be totally different - In fact if the Kids parties I did are anything to judge by, our favourite cheesy hits will be back with vengeance in a decade or so.

Andy P

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