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It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year - Till the DJ doesn't turn up...

Something hugely apparent this Festive Season is the amount of people who get let down last minute for DJs. The phone has literally not stopped every Friday and Saturday with customer and other DJs on the lookout for people to work. So why do we find ourselves in this mess?

Now of course anyone can be ill and this is a big time of year for the flu virus to strike and I've been there myself. But with between 200-300 parties going on each weekend night the chance of finding is last minute DJ to cover is slim to none.

I've been keeping a tally this year and I'm on 16 occasions already i've been asked if I am available to cover a DJ who has had to cancel. So it's at this time of year I have two pieces of advice to pass out, firstly speak to your DJ a day or two before the event to make sure everything is OK and they are feeling well, just slip that in rather than make it obvious that your checking.

The second is booking the right DJ in the first place. If there going out cheap over Xmas there is a reason for this as many companies will charge premium rate to work the nights no one else wants to. Always check the reviews as disgruntled clients often want to warn others. There are even scammer groups out there you can look at. Ask the DJ about contingencies for illness and bad weather. Make sure you are paying for the right person as I can tell you ringing around trying to find a replacement when you should be taking your time getting reading and sipping on some wine sucks.

The only other nugget of advice I can supply is having your own contingency. Does the venue have a PA system of its own or can they play music. Booking a good venue is also a great way of covering your back. In the end it might cost a bit more money but its Christmas and your worth it.

Merry Xmas Folks

Andy P

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