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The Band has a DJ

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

True story, I was out with the photo booth doing a wedding and I'm a chatty person. I noticed there was no DJ setup and I hadn't been hired so I asked a member of the band, "hey who's the DJ tonight". The reply, "oh damn we haven't decided who's turn it is" then they played a game of roshambo to see who was going to say on stage and 'DJ'. The female singer lost and when the band finished there second set she sat on a chair with an iPod on shuffle.

Yes there is a morale to this story. Very few bands actually bring along an actual DJ and DJ rig when they play at your wedding/party. It's the same reason why despite the fact I can pop out a tune on the Karaoke, I don't go around branding myself as a singer or vocalist.

Bands typically play 90-120 mins in two sets. Most parties go on for four to five hours so the band will on average only cover a max of 50% of your night. Worst case is the band does an hour and a half of a five hour evening, then its over to the iPod. The band may also tell you that they will include their lighting. Again this in most cases is not DJ lighting. Bands and singers set lights up to illuminate themselves so they stand out. DJ's light the room and the dance floor.

Your elected band member probably won't be mixing the music either, and bands often choose music based on what they like and their tastes where as DJ's play to the room and read what people are responding too, and I bet we have more music selection too.

My advice, stretch the budget a little and get in a DJ to fill the voids before, between and after your band/singer. Many DJs like myself are happy to work alongside other performers, I like a good band as much as the next person. Bands and Singers are good at what they do, playing a couple of sets of the music they want to perform. Leave the DJing to the DJs. Do you have a band booked and are now wondering what the rest of the night will be like, get in touch my price might be less that you expect and you can't put a price on an unforgettable night. #weddingdj #weddingband #hirethebest #partydj #northumberlanddj #durhamdj #darlingtondj #tyneandweardj #unforgettableparty

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