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The gentle art of getting your request played

Despite what you might think, DJs like requests, they help us to judge the flow of traffic on the dance floor. However there is a right and wrong way to ask for them and even more reasons why your request is unlikely to be the next song cued.

Play My Song Next

There are two main reasons a DJ will more than often not be able/willing to play your song next. First is if there is a queue of other requests and regardless of the reason it's unfair to promote yours over others unless... The second reason is it doesn't fit well or can't be mixed in with the current set. A DJs job is to seamlessly transition the music and just dropping in your track might mess up a lot of preparation. If your request does fit, then there is a good chance it will be slotted in.

Play This it Will Get Everyone Up

I'm sure you'd love it if someone came to your workplace and told you how to do your job better? The DJ will be trying to get people up and in my experience these floor fillers often fail to ignite the room and leave the requester on the dance floor alone. If you feel your song will get people up, just request it, tell the DJ why the guests like the song, i.e. it was played at the Hen Night, and you'll probably get a thank you. Also and most importantly if you ask for a song you're expected to get up and dance to it.

Play Something We Can Dance Too

This isn't a request and isn't helpful at all. The majority of the music we carry is aimed at getting people to dance but different crowds have different tastes. If you don't have a specific track in mind try giving the DJ a decade or genre to play i.e. could we get some Motown. Also if the dance floor is working be considerate and just pop in a request or two.

Play Chart vs Play Some Old

One thing Djs are continually asked to wrestle with is swapping between current music and older classics. Believe me it's almost every gig someone will come over and ask for some music from the charts or recent dance tracks. Two minutes later someone will then come over and ask for something for the Older Folks, then someone else will ask for some 90's. Sadly as we group music you often just have to wait out a few songs. I try to play music new and old unless specifically asked otherwise.

Andy P

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