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Who is the Best Mobile DJ?

Probably my most contentious post ever, and I'm going to start straight away with something you might find crazy. I'm going to rule myself out as I honestly don't think that regionally or nationally I am the best. I do a damn good job to the best of my ability. There is another reason why I am ruling myself out however and this is because there isn't really a way to measure or quantify what the best really is! This is part of the reason I chose not to sensationalise the business names, slogan or even convey this message via our website.

I find people who list themselves as the "best in town" or "providing the very best in entertainment" are quotes that are 100% unsubstantiated and possibly illegal in advertising, I find using names like ultimate, premier, supreme, paramount etc or any adjective for the greatest to also be unflattering. I thought long and hard about why I chose our name and how it would be branded. Let's face it is Premier Inn the best hotel provider, I'm sure the Hilton or Radisson would have something to say about that.

You also need to consider what people claim to be best at. Are they the best at filling dance floors, or the best at playing the songs you want to hear, or the best price if you're on a budget. Each client will judge success in different ways, and this is why we ask beforehand what the client is looking for and try to accommodate them and their wishes.

So what do I think would be in a criteria for being the best DJ?

Is it down to how long they have been a DJ?

I'd say no. I think people can become stagnant with time. Look at performers like Madonna and David Bowie - constantly changing their images to stay fresh and current. After 5 years in a job you'll probably have all the experience and knowledge you'll ever need to do that job and that time. Let's just say Mr. 20 years experience thinks he is the best but 15 of those years were spend working with passive systems and CDs or Vinyl which is now obsolete.

Is it the extra services they provide?

Again I'd say no. It's nice to get all your hiring done in one place but offering more can often mean splitting your attention and time. If you want to be the best wedding DJ you probably need to be doing a lot of weddings. Offering a service the client wants can be seen as a bonus and make life easier but how else could that time have been spent. Then there are some services which are not even disco related so adding a backdrop or chair covers definitely does not make you a better DJ. Unless however you think a better surrounding makes for a better atmosphere.

Is it the equipment used?

I have to say better equipment will always give a better end result as its normally more reliable, looks better and performs better, else why would we buy it. Looking after your equipment is also very important. However simply having the best equipment does not make you the best. You've heard the phrase "all the gear, but no idea". This can be very evident with DJs who have purchased very expensive lights which have huge capabilities but leave them on a basic S2L setting. So again it will help to have good equipment and if you know what your doing it will definitely enhance a show.

Is it a specialisation?

There are many DJs who have a field of expertise and group of clients who they aim their marketing at. Some might say that the best DJ is the one that can cater for the most diverse markets, others might say its the one who is best in their field. I do feel that by doing only 1 kind of event will limit your exposure to changes in the wider industry. We have chosen to specialise and become virtuoso in the wedding industry but until such a time that this fills our diary we continue with other services. I don't think there will ever come a day where all we do is Weddings but 80% is my target.

Is it what your past and present clients think?

I probably believe that this holds the most weight. When I am looking for a product or service I read the genuine client reviews and the more the better. I'm not looking for 5 star either. I look for people who have taken time to leave a succinct review and conveyed their feelings. I know that I will never please everyone but I want to try my best.

Is it because people get up and dance or I fill dance floors?

I think a full dance floor is great but I also think the modern party or celebration is about more that just dancing. I judge myself on how many people get up and dance and for how long. I try to get all section of the room up even those elusive drinkers who are only really there to chat and drink alcohol. The term discotheque was first used for a place to dance to a range of music, so dancing is key. However i've had reviews from people who never got up once but still enjoyed the music, lights and ambiance of the event.

I hope now you see the point of this blog post. People who say they are the best often aren't. Popping up a name like the Greatest might make you sound good but they will often struggle to quantify why this is other than a few bullet points that you'll find on just about any DJ or Disco website. What's more my favourite DJ might be completely different to yours. This is because we all have a different vision of what you want and will judge the outcome on your own experience. For example my favourite George Michael track is Fast Love, but yours might be different or you may not even like his music.

My advice, if someone tells you there the best - ask them how the know this!

Andy P

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