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Who would I recommend and why?

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Those who know me know I'm not scared of competition, in fact I don't have any. What I do keep however is a network of other successful Wedding DJs who we circulate work between when we find ourselves booked already. Read on to find out why and who.

Why do I have a network?

You just never know what is around the corner. People in my network this year have had hospital visits, breakdowns, sick children, family members pass away, server illness. Sadly when your a self employed solo operator we often have to go way above and beyond what an employed person would endure. I've worked in an office for many years and if I was sick, I was off etc. When a couple on their big wedding day expect you to be there you move heaven and earth till its just not possible.

Sadly there are those in this profession who will drop clients in at a moments notice, there are also accidents and emergencies that force non attendance, we are just human and companies with 100% records, well that could be good planning and backup or a bit of good luck. I certainly know very reputable companies that have let a client down, but for something beyond reasonable control. I have come close a couple of times.

Why would I ever want to recommend other DJs?

As said, it's not like you couldn't find them on google and there is enough work to go around. If you came to me first there is a reason. It does happen I am not available and of course I want to do two things. Help you the client get a great DJ, and help my network friends get more clients. It's win win for me.

I've have learned loads from being in a network and hopefully my fellow members have learned from my shared experiences too. I do like to see myself as one of the good guys, not just doing this job for personal profit, milking clients or covering the bases. If I wasn't passionate about this job I'd probably have remained a driving instructor.

So onto the 5 guys I'd call safe hands:

Steven Maddison

Steven, second of his name as his dad is also (or was) a DJ. A man of great charisma and never heard a bad word said about him. He brings class and style to his gigs. Has huge passion about what he does an just gets on with it quietly and confidently. He just seems to click with suppliers and clients alike.

Steven McKinnell

Top bloke and family man, he goes down as most improved DJ over the past few years. Has really took note in the network and after a recent rebrand and focus on the wedding market is really making waves. I've passed much work on to him and never let me down, gets loads of praise. Loves the bouncy music and a good technical DJ.

Chris Smith

A cheeky chappy who is hugely confident in his ability to put on a good show. Chris runs big events but loves his wedding work. He is massive into rave, clubland and dance music, he is a skilled DJ who loves to move fast through songs to cram the max into a night. A great salesman and probably the person most invested in DJing I know.

Kris Smith

The Boogie Knight himself, there is probably only 2 people I've called a friend for longer. Eager to please and never has a bad word to say he just gets on with providing a quality service. Kris has done more work for me than anyone else and 100% nails it. He is a talented musician with a strong knowledge of all things music.

Mark Ireland

I've worked for Mark a few times but never engaged his services myself. He is a DJ I respect and have actually paid to go watch. Probably the best known name in the top 5, excellent technically, produces music on top of DJing and regularly headlines for Hed Kandi events. We love to chew the fat over a coffee and I have great respect for him.

There are certainly more, probably could name 5 more all pretty close to being included above, hope they don't feel left out

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