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Why are DJs prices different?

I was watching a thread on Facebook where the same questions seem to pop up each week, sometimes more than once.  People want to know why are some DJs cheap and some expensive?  Think of it like buying your next phone, they all do the same thing but some have better features, are easier to use, perhaps even you like to pay for the brand otherwise you might as well just buy the cheapest and be done.

When your buying a service its not always as straightforward as when you purchase a product.  There is no box to look at so you have to do your research to find out what the differences are, and you will find them.  You hire a DJ to enhance your party, so they should make it special, make it full of great memories and make it a fun and enjoyable time.

The average person will only organize a party a few times in there life.  They will never be an expert at hiring services providers, this is why some brides choose to go with a wedding planner who is a specialist in finding the right providers.  Personally if I was booking a DJ I'd for a large event I'd want to push the boat out and get someone who can make a difference.


Someone with a track record and great reviews.  This doesn't always mean expensive however, you should be looking at value for money - you can pay upwards of £400 and get 1 speaker or a single lighting effect on a bar, never mind how good the DJ is - this is not value for money.  Take your time and find a DJ who you like, who has great photos or their work, photos of their kit and photos of results.  Check they provide a contract, have backups and contingency plans, check they have a good name with a simple search.

We're always willing to help people if there stuck as we keep in touch with a great bunch of other DJs who we are happy to recommend if we can't help you.

Andy P

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