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Do I achieve what I set out to achieve?

It used to be the case that every business needed a mission statement or something to state the values and vision. I don't think many of the smaller businesses cobbled together these days actually bother to do their market research or decide how to place and promote themselves.

It's just a hasty couple of social media pages, a one page website and boom let's get out there and make some money - what can go wrong. I decided this weekend to dig out the mission statement I wrote as part of my business plan when I rebranded just over 5 years back.

I've been thinking of another rebrand to encapsulate what I do now and to refine the type of client and work I attract now. What struck me is how easy it was for me to match the feedback I have received (just over the last year) with what I set out to accomplish.

So the mission statement was:

"Disco Couture provides mobile disco’s where people want to get up and dance.  Where customer service is world class, where the client is first and foremost and where technology is used to give us an edge and deliver a better overall service.  We aim to satisfy, develop, expand and most of all make you want to recommend us…"

The Values I set out were

The Disco Couture Brand will be:
Professional – We will work to exceed industry standards and ensure that our DJ’s have the knowledge, skills and experience to provide a quality service.  We will take on board any and all feedback and establish processes for complaints and safe practices.
Affordable – We don’t want to exclude anyone from our pricing structure and will look to provide services to both the budget and high-end market.  We will ensure that the profits we make are suitable to the time and effort applied to an event.
Reliable – You can trust us to be there on your big day and we will make every effort to ensure that we have industry support and good networking to make sure if the worst does happen that we have several contingency plans to put in place.

So let's have a look and see if we have achieved any of this:

  1. We make people get up and dance

  • Dani said "Everyone loved it and got up dancing - a great mix of tunes"

  • Dionne said "All our guests didn't want the party to end and danced the night away to his music"

  • Elisabeth said "You were a consummate professional and kept the dance floor full all night"

  • Emma said "There was never a moment that the dance floor was empty and the music was fab"

  1. Where customer service is world class

  • Kay said "Andy has been nothing but helpful and incredibly understanding"

  • Toby said "Communication was amazing right from the booking procedure till the end of the wedding"

  • Lizzy said "Amazing service, exactly what we wanted"

  • Olivia said "He was professional, classy, friendly and fun

  1. Putting the client first

  • Samantha said "He tailored his service to what me and my now husband wanted"

  • Senga said "He perfectly captured what we wanted and became part of the party"

  • Tim said "From the moment we first got in touch the communication and overall service was first class"

  • Kayleigh said "A very professional DJ who is flexible to the needs of the bride and groom"

  1. Make people want to recommend us

  • Tracey said "Highly recommended 10 out of 10"

  • April said "Will be using for all of our future functions"

  • Danielle said "Can't thank or recommend Andy enough"

  • Lisa "Highly recommended, I will never have a party without them again" and she has been back several times.

I could go on but this might end up a huge blog post. From reading the feedback (and I suggest you do the same) it was evident that my values were met and I've chose 3 reviews below to demonstrate.

To wrap things up I am happy to say ALL of the things I set out to achieve have been delivered and then some. I provide a professional, affordable and 100% reliable service. I have became one of the best Wedding DJs in my geographical area and deliver a service I am proud of. I do feel it's time to look again and set some goals for the next 5 years which will probably be the last of this episode.

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