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Just a little bit extra information about the service and your booking, it will expand as I get more questions

Bookings and Services:

Why should I chose you for my event?

  • I provide exceptional entertainment and the most accommodating and attentive customer care found in this industry

  • I have a great reputation from previous clients and among other DJs locally, check out my testimonials from real people

  • I offer an exclusive service and limit the amount of bookings I take to ensure clients get the very best from me

  • I always try to be trendsetting and use the latest technology to enhance what I do, many copy, few match

  • Fantastic value for money prices, but consistent high level performances

What services do you supply?

  • DJ or Wedding DJ - or else how would I be a specialist?

NB: I have previously offered other service but came across many issues be it setup time constraints, needing staff, needing a larger van and storage. I find it far better to simply recommend people from an extensive list of supplier who are also specialists. Sax players, photobooths, dancefloors, carnival letters, I'm happy to hook you up with some great suppliers. I'm not a fan off all the eggs in one basket.

What is included in the price?

  • Me as your DJ

  • 24/7 access to my planning system and its tools

  • Communication during the build up, I'm available most of the time via phone or email, feel free to use my expertise or run ideas by me

  • Set up and break down

  • All the sound and lighting equipment that is part of my DJ rig, haze if venue allows

  • Use of mic for speeches only, no 'MCing' without prior agreement

  • My travel and other costs getting to your venue on the day with the exception of parking fees and ULEZ fees.

  • Record pool subscriptions for a wide range of songs

  • Membership of the top DJ groups who can provide additional support an assistance in the unlikely event that I am unable to fulfil the booking as well as my own local network.

What is your booking process and how do I know its confirmed?

  • Once you have a quote and are happy with the price and service and have checked they venue is suitable for my needs there is an electronic booking form to complete

  • The electronic form ensures I don't make any mistakes when inputting to the system. It also is part of my planning system. If you struggle to use online forms I can do it over the phone.

  • You will get an e-contract to sign

  • When the deposit is paid I will add it to your booking and send the confirmation email

  • Only when you have this email and all details are correct will the booking go live and you can access the planner.

  • if the deposit is not paid and the booking form is idle for 7 days the date will open back up and you may lose it. Bookings are on first come first served basis on confirmation.

Have you ever played at my venue?

  • There is a good chance I have. The list is continually expanding, and while I don't advertise an up to date list please feel free to ask. I try to keep very good relationships with the venues I visit, some I frequent many times a year, others might have been a one off visit.

  • If I haven't been to your venue, don't let that put you off. I add probably 20 new venues to my list each year and always do my best to make things as smooth as possible. I am happy to speak to venues and event co-ordinators to make sure everything goes smoothly and to plan

My venue requires certain documents from suppliers

  • I maintain a valid portable appliance test (PAT) certificate, this is done several times a year in line with my equipment maintenance schedule

  • I have public liability insurance with up to £5 Million

  • I am happy to send copies of these certificates to yourself or the venue

  • We do not agree to pay bonds or provide risk assessments

Do you work outdoors?

  • Marquees and Tipis - Yes, I've often performed in both tipis and marquees, so long as there is suitable power, a flat dance and setup area (not on a slope) and reasonable access. In winter there should be adequate heating

  • Garden Parties - If my requirements are met I am willing to perform at garden parties. I require a safe power source, cover to protect from the elements that is secure and will only perform were it will not generate complaints (eg detached properties, farms, private land). These are however limited.

  • It is the duty of the organiser to provide the correct entertainment licence and I will only play to a suitable time. I will also need access to toilets and somewhere to change clothing.

The booking form mentioned sound limiters and restrictions, how does this affect me?

  • Due to the damage they can cause to amplifiers and hard drives I do not work where the venues has an active hard cut device fitted

  • I prefer to use my own PA system but can plug into venues systems if provided. It is my normal preference to turn down booking where a sound ceiling is fitted, I don't feel they provide the quality I want to provide

  • I am happy to regulate my playout volume to about 85-90dB. It the venues has a restriction above this. If its below it will really impact on the quality I want to provide so don't take these bookings

NB: About 10% of the gigs I have performed at have some form of restriction in place. I totally understand not causing a noise nuisance and my normal levels are very reasonable. My job is to attract people to the dancefloor and if the volume is too low, lacks quality or has no bass then this becomes far harder to achieve.

Set up and arrival:

When do you arrive?

  • I always try to arrive 1hr before the booked performance time, hence if I am booked 19:00 - 00:00 I should be on site at 18:00.

  • When I am travelling more than 75 miles I often add 30 mins as a buffer

  • If I have never worked at the venue I tend to add 15 mins as a buffer

  • If you require an early setup this can be arranged but will be at an additional cost, it is not included in the quote unless you specifically asked during the quote process, if in doubt please message me

What are your access requirements?

  • Free Parking is required at the venue and access to the function area should be clear of obstructions

  • Loading is done via a trolley so access should have no stairs or will need a ramp or elevator to the function area (unless alternative agreements have been arranged)

  • No matter how early I arrive I cannot setup till the room and performance area are safe and clear

How long to you need to setup/take down?

  • For the full disco to be rigged and wired, then tested 45-60 mins is normal (depending on how far the room is from the van)

  • Packing away is a little quicker at 20-35 mins

  • This time in not part of the performance time unless the venue enforce an exit time

What Power requirement do you have?

  • The entire rig can work from a single 13amp socket

  • I carry several extension cables, but for safety the socket should be within 10m of performance area

  • All of my equipment is regularly PAT tested and I reserve the right to test venue power outlets that look damaged with a socket tester

My venue has limited space?

  • We have performed in living rooms and huge halls, our modular setup can be reduced to a small 2.5m x 1.5m footprint but still kick out great sound and light

Music and Requests:

What do you think works best?

For me the events work best when its a collaboration of your ideas and my experience. I want to play the songs you and your guests are going to dance to and I want to make the event about you. Over 1000 successful events says this works. You submit up to 30 songs on the planner, we take requests on the night from your guests, I do the rest, organising, mixing, and filling the gaps.

I would like more control?

This is fine, drop me a message and we will work out the best way to sort this. I can convert playlists from Spotify or Tidal, or you can email a list over.

What about guest requests?

That's up to you, two options allow them or don't. If you do allow them and leave me a don't play list I'll try to make sure the guests are informed.

Are my song guaranteed to get played?

I will do my very best to get all the songs you provide me play time at your event. I can't guarantee this however as my record pool may not have the song available and time on the night might get away from us. I try never to replay songs without good reason so if something is played when your absent I may not be able to fit it in again.

Can you handle the music for me?

I'm glad you asked as really this is what a DJ is about. I offer a range of ideas to make this easy for the client. Of course I want it to still be personalised and not generic but here are a few scenarios that occur.

  • You have a theme for the event and need music to match. I can work to many themes: Ibiza, indie/alternative, decades (80s, 90s etc), Latin, disco and dance, drop me a message with your idea

  • You saw me at a friends event and booked off the back of that - ok its difficult to get the same vibe but chances are I have the playlist and can work from it

  • Drop me a list of your fav genres/artists

  • Let me read the floor, play a broad range and use my extensive knowledge of bangers

Can we hear examples?

I don't record the sets live, my DJ software does keep a record of what I play and I can provide examples. I do however make mixes from home that I keep on my Mixcloud. This is public and free for people to enjoy. These mixes are more an example of my ability rather than what I might play at your event as they are often done to a theme and for a more commercial audience.

Your Event:

Do you need any additional information?

  • You will get an automated email about a month before your event, this will remind you to leave music on the planner or let me know your preferences. It will also give you a link for weddings to a checklist which gets some extra information I will need to on the day. If it is not completed I may be missing some essential information so please do try to fill it in

  • It never hurts to give me an idea of your day plan. It can be added to the planner or simply email me over anything you have shared with the venue

  • If you have any other entertainment suppliers or people who I am expected to work with please put me in touch with them so we can discuss needs and agree what I will be providing for them

Communication Methods

Practically all of my communication is via email. This is to keep a permanent written record of everything we have discussed and agreed. I strongly advise you mark the first few emails you have from me as safe and closer to your even check the spam folder in case anything changes.

What happens if something breaks?

I use high end quality equipment that is regularly checked and service. However to ensure the show will go on in the event of a failure I have several fall back plans and backup equipment. I carry spare DJ laptops, speakers, cables etc.

Any failures from external sources such as power cuts or damage to equipment by you, your guests or venue staff may mean the performance is terminated early as per the terms and conditions.

What happens if I cannot perform?

  • Due to illness or injury - This will depend on the level, I have attended many gigs while suffering from minor illnesses and even some serious injuries where I have had to enlist help and even use aides. If I can perform I will.

  • Due to breakdown or accident - I have a high level of breakdown cover as I tend to travel quite far to venues. I would do my very best to get to you and look into any reasonable solution to perform. If an accident occurs it would be depend on how severe and my own ability to continue.

  • If I cannot perform and am able I will do my best to find you a suitable and capable replacement at no additional cost to yourself.

  • If something very serious occurs there are various plans in place but at this point it would be beyond my reasonable control and would provide a full refund as soon as able. I sincerely hope this never happens.

NB: I take the responsibility of performing for weddings and other events extremely seriously. I have done around 1000 gigs at time of writing this and things do happen, however I have arrived and completed every single one (or provided cover). Even the most robust plans have limits - my promise is to simply do my very best for you.

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