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How Much Does a Wedding DJ Cost?

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

So you want to know how much does a Wedding DJ cost? Based on 2023 averages across England for 5hrs a Wedding DJ will cost anywhere between £250 and £1000! The average is around £400-500 in the north east.

bride and groom at doxford barns

DJs for Weddings typically cost more than for a generic party. Corporate events tend to be about the same if there looking for decent quality.

Why do weddings cost more?

  • There is an increase in planning time and preparations on the day.

  • In our area there is often more travelling to venues increasing time and fuel costs.

  • Wedding DJs also tend to be better orators and trained MCs.

Other factors included in price:

  • Length of the booking, we typically charge by the hour.

  • How experienced the DJ is.

  • Level of equipment used.

  • Reputation and reliability.

  • How busy they are (some often raise the price when their diary's are getting full)

Some tips for saving money on your DJ:

  • Many DJs will be cheaper if you book over a year in advance as you can get the previous years prices.

  • Many DJs will offer off-peak rates during the week or quiet months

  • If your venue is in an affluent area don't look for just local DJs, even with travel costs some from out the area may be cheaper.

Your Wedding DJ should cost less than a band. Bands tend to have more members and more equipment and travel in multiple vehicles so its not unknow to spend twice as much for a band than you might a DJ.

Keep your eggs out the basket. It might seem a good idea to use one provider for all your services but my advice is to split them up. DJs should DJ, Photobooths providers, Room Dressers, and other hire companies are better suited to provide the rest of the services you may want. DJs often use these extra services as loss leaders to get bookings but the service is not that of a specialist or there mind is in other places when they should be DJing. Worse still many of the venues I've been to only allow 1hr for turn around so they are limited to how long they have for set up or will push back the start.

My Prices?

I've been told by many I am too cheap but part of my ethos is being good value for money and many of my reviews mention this. I probably charge less that I should for going out the area, but again I love to travel. When I looked at what the competition was charging it was quite haphazard and post Covid prices had soared upwards due to economic factors. I was quite slow to react to this. My 2023 prices were around £400 for a standard 5hr Saturday booking.

The prefect wedding is Priceless... Remember that the DJ will be working the entire evening (or day) on their feet doing their best to create the ultimate vibe for your big event.

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