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DJ and Sax

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Why choose to have both a DJ and Saxophonist for your wedding? Many weddings have a DJ and many have a sax player, but not always together. Sax players make great afternoon entertainment for the drinks reception or cocktail hour to help pad out the day. You might be knee deep in your planning and wondering what you want for your evening entertainment and what this combination has to offer and why you'd got to the extra expense.

Let me see if I can shine some light on it and what you need to look out for. Obviously I'd love you to book me and I'm always happy to recommend one of the great sax players I've worked with.

Memorable Moment

First and foremost having a sax player jump in after your first dance while all your family and friends are gathered around you make for a unique and memorable experience. Better still if the guests know nothing about it it can leave a lasting impression and make your wedding stick out in people's memories.

Interactive Entertainment

As much as your DJ should try to be part of the party, sax players get out there on the floor and mix with your guest. Great sax players engage with your guests creating a vibrant atmosphere on the dance floor. DJ and sax combinations create a dynamic musical experience engaging your guests and creating an epic vibe.

Best of Both Worlds

Perhaps you were stuck between wanting live music or the versatility of a DJ, now you can have both. Bands and singer are great but limited in their sets. The DJ and sax combo can play music from all sorts of genres and styles. Most common is house music but ill often play commercial and chart songs, Motown, funk, disco and various pop party classic when paired with a sax player. That not the limit however there are literally loads of songs that fit well.

Getting the wrong DJ

I'm gonna be honest and feel free to ask any sax player to back this up. Not all DJ's are suited to playing alongside a Saxophonist. There are a few things that make this combo click. Experience being the first, knowing how it works and what songs work. A DJ who can mix and make the set seamless is a huge bonus, it make it easy for the sax player to follow. You don't want a cheesy DJ or someone on the mic all the time during the set or dropping some Black Lace mid flow.

Paying good money for a sax player only to have the DJ drop the ball might end up ruining the experience, similarly some sax players want to work solo and have pre-recorded sets which means you loose out on the ability to throw a few songs in the mix yourself. A great DJ and sax combo will still be able to factor in your favourite songs. Something new also, DJs like me with the ability to use stems can remove the sax from the original track so its totally live.

I'd like to sign off saying thanks to @IamJoeReeve and @WayneonSax for proving me the photos for this blog page. These guys are certainly 2 of the few I always recommend. If you'd like to chat more about having me DJ your party and bring along a sax player please drop me a message. There are a few videos of me working with sax player on Instagram so feel free to have a rummage.


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