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But what do all these big words really mean!

Updated: Nov 4, 2023

One thing you will notice when shopping around for a DJ, there never just a DJ and that goes for me too. So let me take a little time to understand what my claims are why I make them.

A Contemporary DJ

I try to keep myself as relevant as possible be it through constant learning, listening to new music (yes even a DJ can find new stuff), and keeping on trend with what the public want. I also apply this thinking to my disco set-up too so I can be providing a service fit for the present, replacing anything that is no longer in vogue and using up to date fixtures and equipment.

The last thing you want is someone with 30 years of experience but is that dated and set in their ways that you get their way at your party. I want you and your ideas at the forefront of your big day.

Boutique Disco

I view boutique as being small, sophisticated and fashionable but also effective. I have designed the disco set-up around the type of venues we have in the region. Many of these are small and don't have a great deal of room to throw in a huge disco. For this reason my designs have been to maximise the effectiveness and make a compact unit.

Thus when the venue is small I don't actually have to lose anything from the setup, however when its larger I can add in. I'm never reducing my set-up to fit a room. It's easier to scale up than to scale down.

Bespoke Service

Yes I offer packages but they are really just a guide and a starting point. I want to couple my experience and expertise with your ideas and vision. If you come to me and say "oh we love that package but wanted a confetti cannon", we can just add it on and amend any prices to suit.

I have packages to act as a starting point but we know couples and venues are not the same and what works well one time, might not another. Remaining fluid and open to suggestions and helping clients to get exactly what they want rather than offering a rigid package helps individualise the party experience.

Exclusive To You

I truly believe that the people out there forcing as many gigs as they can into a weekend show little actual thought for their clients. There is so much that can go wrong and they are running some serious hours of work in exhaustive job.

Book with me and that is that date filled. I will arrive prepared, fresh and ready to party. I have time put aside to cope with changes and most things life can throw at me. I'm also exclusive in that I now have to turn away clients - imagine that. People come via recommendation to find I'm already booked and this sees me turning away over 20 bookings a year.

If your looking to book a DJ with a difference drop me a message so I can help you to see the Disco Couture difference.

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