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End of an Era, Start of the New (Rebranding)

Why am I doing it, what does it mean, how will it impact me and my clients?

So firstly, the change of brand is from Disco Couture to DJ Andy P - Weddings and Events.

I've now been in business as a DJ for over a decade and during this time trends have changed, the market has changed and what I do has changed. My name should reflect what I do and how I do it.

I started off as Attack the Dancefloor which looking back was a terrible name! Why? Because it doesn't say what I do and more so at the time I was providing kids entertainment and the word attack is a bit harsh. After 5 years of growing as the mobile disco I decided to fix this and change my name to reflect where my journey was going.

I wanted to move out of kids entertainment and provide services for adult parties, theme nights and weddings. I wanted to be more of a DJ than a kids entertainer but I had also started to care more about my image, my equipment and how the business was seen. Disco and Couture were put together to reflect my new direction and immediately I benefitted with more work and gained more lucrative clients looking for a more upmarket company.

I have all but migrated to being a wedding DJ now and I feel it is time to say this with my name. I watched a friend of mine recently make the change and he has done so well this last year it really gave me the spark to follow. Of course it's not all about the name he did a lot of hard work and impressed a lot of clients both of which I know I can do.

I found ranking on Google and other search engines hard as people don't tend to look for "Disco" now. My name had to include what I do so Weddings and DJ had to be a part, and I think people feel more comfortable with a name. I've always been known as Andy P due to my long, unpronounceable surname and after hearing people try to say Couture for the last 5 years I wanted to make things as easy as possible.

So with why covered I'll move on to what it means for new and current clients. Anyone with a booking need only take note of the new name. I will have a new website soon, my email will change (but i'll keep the old one open for 6 months) and my social media will show the new branding. Your still with the same person doing the same thing there is no new management.

The planner will stay the same just show the new branding so no change there, all the information held will be safe and updatable. I'm hoping the biggest change will be access to more clients through visibility. I still offer one of the best Wedding DJ services in our area, but I do it at a great price point and with some pretty unique benefits. I've still got the knowledge of practically every top venue in the region, over a decades experience of filling dance floors and rocking weddings.

I expect everything to be done by then end of April and ill send around an information email at this time with all the new links needed. I'll redirect the old URL again probably for around 6 months. If it goes as well as last time there should be zero impact.

If my clients do have any worries or questions they should drop me an email where I'll do my best to answer the query.

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