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The Art of Balancing: Keeping prices sensible and affordable.

Inflation is something we hear all the time. We know businesses have to raise prices because the price of running a business is always rising, same as the cost of living. But how do we stop things getting out of hand and charging clients for luxury expenses?

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This is not me having a dig at other DJs or their prices. I always try to set my fees based on three factors. What I need to keep the business running and make a wage, what I think my service is worth, and what I would actually pay if I was hiring someone else to do this job. Some more unscrupulous DJs prefer to go about prices shopping and getting fake quotes - not me.

I probably should be more expensive. I want to invest in the future of the business as much as any high end supplier. However I do a few things differently which impact the price I can offer to my clients.

Firstly I make a lot of the stuff I use myself. I've used my skills to build DJ booths, make T-bars and light stands, to convert all of my lighting to wireless DMX. I also use my skills to maintain my own website and social media.

I have stayed away from hiring a lock-up or office to work from. I know suppliers spending between £500-1500 per month for somewhere to meet clients or keep equipment. By focusing on DJing only I don't need a warehouse or storage. I can still offer these services by contracting out and often get good prices for clients, I just don't have to pay to buy or store them.

I don't go stupid on advertising. There are a few DJs who are pumping hundreds into Google Ads each month. Yes there get more clicks and come up in more searches but this doesn't mean a sale. Often they are too expensive and accessible only to those with a much higher budget.

All of the above means I can easily operate considerably cheaper than some of my competition. If my bills are say £800* less per month than someone offering a similar service, and I do around 8 bookings per month I can be £100 cheaper, if my bills are £1600 less per month, that is £200 cheaper. (*I used that figure for quick math).

I know there are some people who care a lot about image both clients and suppliers but remember if I turn up in a Vauxhall Combo or a pimped out DUB Caddy or Transporter 99% of your guests wont see, but if factors in the price.

I do try to be blatant and honest in my blog. My aim has always been to do the best I can for clients and being realistic and sensible with my pricing has been mentioned often in my reviews, if it matters to you - it matters to me.

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