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Ever wondered what more a Wedding DJ can do?

The majority of bookings we get are for evening only discos.  5 hours of party to end the night with a blast.  What many people don't realise is that a DJ can enhance the whole day with their skills and some great music choices.  

Ceremony Music:

Not all venues have sound systems, or at least decent ones.  They range from a CD player all the way up to full Bose installs which would rival a DJs rig.  I've also heard a few horror stories about CDs getting lost or not playing, the registrar cueing up the wrong song and let's face it you're going to be nervous enough.  That's why we advocate using a professional and if your booking the DJ for the evening it's often not that much more to have them attend the daytime.  Now your walking down the aisle with high quality professional sound, with fade out at the right time and even someone who can make those important announcements.  We also have small rigs we can set up if your in a different room, or even a different venue.

The Master of Ceremonies:

The typical red jacket toastmaster is not everyones cup of tea.   We can offer formal or informal emceeing during your wedding day and even provide you with our high quality radio mics for your speeches.  No more best man having to shout so people can hear the jokes.  

Wedding Breakfast Music:

Again not all venues can offer relaxing and discreet background music during your meal and a few knees up songs onces its over and done with.  We can provide sets for your canapes and cocktails, nice relaxed sounds while you eat and even a kids mini disco while the adults are chatting before the night time reception.  When you book an all day DJ package we will rouse the room for your entrance, keep people informed, play great music and just be there to help out in general.

Wedding Quiz, Games or Karaoke:

What if you need to fill an hour, we can arrange to put on a quiz or the Mr and Mrs Game to keep your guests entertained.   Perhaps you have an idea but need someone to facilitate it, we can certainly share our experience and equipment.  We can also pop the Karaoke on for an hour and let your guests serenade you with a plethora of classics (or send you running to the beer garden).

So if you want to enhance your wedding, give us a call on 07962143680 or drop us an email to see what we can do for you.

Andy P

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