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Now thats what I call a Garden Party

Every now and then a booking comes along that takes your breath away a little and this one nearly didn't happen. I was booked to do a photo booth but a last min cancellation left me open to offers, then only a few hours later a lead came in for a 60th birthday party. After a chat with Richard on the phone the gig was secured and I had an outline of what was happening. They hadn't initially booked a DJ as they had other entertainment, but decided there were gaps that needed filled. Richard had a Sax player (Danny Allen) and a singer (Tony Fletcher) who would be supported by one of the female guests.

Elvis is in the building

The house was very remote so no issues with sound and all the neighbours were invited along which means no complaints hopefully. I've been promised this before and had to deal with an upset gentleman, its not nice so its always a question I ask when taking on this type of gig.

Another consideration at this type of event is space and with 3 sets of performers due to grace the stage we had to decide who's PA system was going to be used. A small win for me was the singer needed a mixing desk with 2 mics so it had to be his system, plus he already had his set up.

We initially had some power issues with too much draw on the garden circuit so next door came to the rescue with a long extension lead to power the bar. With that sorted the night began with Danny playing to the arriving guests with some saxophone classics like Careless Whisper and Lily Was Here. Food was served as his set finished and I played my first fill of the night starting with some fun cocktail hour songs and ending on some Motown and soul classics.

Tony was next up with his well travelled Elvis tribute. Totally smashed it too, I'm not a big Elvis far truth be known but he was every bit the showman I was told to expect. With his big American trilogy finish the fireworks display started. My second set was a bit more upbeat to get the crowd dancing and when he'd had a chance to refresh and change Tony was back for a solo set, and then a few songs with the guest singer. We got the cake out and celebrated the birthday before my final set and within the genres I was asked to cover - all the belters came out and a fair few requests. Dancing was not an issue, they were at it everywhere. In the marquee, on the patio, even in front of the staged area, It's great to see.

As we got to 1am the party was still going strong and I was asked to stay on for an extra hour. Despite and early start the next day an hour was fine and we partied on deep into the night. Come the end Richard was keen to admit the DJ would be first on the list next time, it would have been a huge oversight to go without. It's nice to know you made the night that bit more special. My van was parked half a mile away and my legs were hanging as I walked to collect it. I'm not a spring chick and being outside from 6pm - 2am on a wet night left me needing a late night hot shower before bed.

So if you are looking for a DJ for a garden party, who can work seamlessly with your other suppliers and go the extra mile still give me a call

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