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Party Goals

Last weekend I was hired to perform and Helen and Nathan's wedding at Armathwaite Hall in the Lake District and its a night that has left a lasting impact on me.

I have to start by describing the drive, it was close to 100 miles which is about my maximum range and a good 140 mins time behind the wheel, but I prepared a small lunch and had my camera so I could have a break on the way.

The drive there was across the A66 towards Penrith, then Ullswater and finally to Keswick before heading over to Bassenthwaite. Along the way I stopped off two times to enjoy the view and have a quick break. I chose the slightly quicker A69 route to come home and need to stress to Cumbria council how needed a Carlisle bypass is.

I was providing both the Disco and Photo Booth for the night time reception and was using a good friend based in Carlisle to supply and man the booth rather than have my staff travel over. They have all the same gear as me so its a like for like service without having to make Steve drive for 5 hrs.

This was my first visit to the venue and its astounding. I was very impressed with both the layout and staff who made my visit easy. I met with the Photographer, Paul Swift from Blackburn who was setting up a slide show and wanted me to sort some music to go along with it.

The night started with the slide show, before we cut the cake then did the first dance. The track was Sade, by your side which is both a nice change from the cliche stuff and a song I like.

Shortly into the night a few of the groomsmen asked if one of them could have a go at being the DJ, it was a kick back to the stag night where they managed to get him on the decks in the club by pretending he was a Radio 1 DJ. Sounded a good excuse so I give him a quick demo and let him lose for 15 mins. He enjoyed himself and threw on a few cheesy tracks that got the rest of the bridal party going.

As the night went on it was clear the type of music they liked so I just continued to feed them and take requests from the guests. We then had the Groom request to do a solo performance of Call on me by Erik Prydz, pre rehearsed with the groomsmen joining in the dance. Then later he set up a couple of male vs female dance-offs.

Both the bride and groom spent a lot of time on the dance floor and it was never once empty, even during the buffet call and last shout for the photo booth. Helen had asked me to take photos as usual and go wild so I was obliging especially as the dancers were happy to pose.

All in all a very enjoyable night with a great couple, great crowd and great venue. You just can't ask for more - well perhaps a great DJ but we already know I'm one of those.

If you're looking for a DJ who is willing to travel, get to know you and your guests, even step outside the box a little bit you should drop me a message or arrange a chat.


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