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Service from Day One

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Over the summer while I've got a bit more spare time I'm going to add a few more blog posts specifically to let people know the service improvements made this year. It's such a shame corona came along after my large investment and now its all sitting in storage.

So let's talk about what I mean about service from day one. This is a principal that i've always had but think it needs highlighted more. Many people thing that booking a service provider means they turn up on the day of the booking and do the job they were paid to perform. That is not the service I want to offer...

My clients are invited to get to know me from day one, be it a phone call, meeting or just a few emails. My clients are encouraged to ask more about what I offer in the service, and more importantly to feel that they can ask me for help on any wedding related subject. After all I position myself as the expert, over the years I have build up hundreds of solid supplier contacts and Im not just a DJ either.

Whilst I'm still waiting to win a wedding award I've been runner up for the last 3 years and for good reason. My feedback is always posted so people can see exactly what they are getting. In that feedback people often talk about how well they got to know me and how well before the date of the booking they had come to trust and feel confident in my ability just from seeing other happy clients.

Recently I did a wedding for a couple who I first met doing their engagement party, I must have spoke to Mark for over 10 hrs on the phone between the 2 bookings, making sure everything was just right and answering all of his questions. The hand shake I got at the end of the night and his kind words let me know it had all been appreciated.

Another recent booking where I spent a great deal of time talking the clients was for the Armitage wedding. This couple had a lot planned and wanted these surprises to go off without hitch so I was asked to liaise with other suppliers like Breeze from the Indian Dance School who were doing a bollywood dance performance and dance class for the guests.

In both of the above cases and many more, I helped the clients in many ways before the booking date came around. The service was there from day one and was used, and better still because I'm a big advocate of value for money I'm happy to say that of all the DJ who offer anywhere close to my level of service, equipment and experience you'll struggle to find one cheaper.

Thanks for reading and get in touch if you'd like to book with a company who really does care about its clients.

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