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Showcase Weddings (with Belle Bridal)

Belle Bridal Magazine

We've been pretty fortunate this year two have been hired by two Couples who have had a wedding showcase in one of the Top Bridal Magazines. The first was for Ross and Clair and my first wedding at Doxford Barns which was an absolute blast and the second was for Steven and Dawn who recently celebrated at the Alnwick Gardens Treehouse is what was a truly magical evening.

I had no idea on attending either that there was going to be any follow up so both times I've woke to see my business page tagged its been something I am incredibly proud of. The features are part of the Real Weddings listings where each month a wedding from the region gets showcased in a lasting article about the whole story of the wedding.

One of my biggest regrets as a husband is that when I married I wasn't in a financial position where I could give my wife anything like the wedding she deserved and it's fantastic to see couples that are proud of the effort they put into their big day sharing it for others to see, both guests, suppliers and others going through the process.

So what if your proud of your wedding day and would like to share it. My suggestion is to contact one of the journalists at your favourite wedding publication and tell them a bit about your wedding dropping in a few photos of the day. It's worth waiting for the professional shots to come through and you don't need to contact them up front.

If you'd like to read the articles yourself I've provided some links below:

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