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There are sooo many DJs how do I narrow it down?

Updated: Mar 31, 2019

I feel your pain, probably because I'm in competition with them!

But here are a few tips to cut through the masses and find the one that is right for you.

Number of Local DJs near me

1. Online Presence

Believe it or not, good DJs will should about it. Good DJs want to be found and when they are they want to impress. Spend a little bit of time looking at Websites, Facebook Pages, Instagram Feeds etc to get to know your DJs.

2. Style

Some might be real good but play music that might not be for your and your guests. Know the type of DJ you want, is it someone who will play their own well planned sets mixed faultlessly or is it someone who will play guest requests and some of your favourite dance tunes.

3. Looks

No I don't mean book a handsome fella, but do take time to have a look at the rig, the brand, and presentation. A disco is as visual as it is audible. More is not always better especially if your venue has limited set up space.

4. Visuals

Many DJs will share photos or videos but what do they really say. It's ok taking photos of disco rigs, but what's going on on the dance floor, it's great seeing a photo of a full dance floor but was it a one off that night.

5. Beyond the Obvious

Good DJs now have online booking systems that allow you to track your booking. Good DJs like to meet couples when they can to break that barrier of the unknown. Good DJs aren't scared to work with clients to ensure the party has their stamp on it. DJs who just play music are old hat.

6. Exclusive

Are you picking a DJ that is just a production line. There are many around who are doing up to 5 bookings a day. How can you possibly get an individual service from someone who is juggling a tight schedule. What if they get stuck in traffic, when do they take time to prepare for your booking, will your party just be generic arrive - set up - play - go home.

7. Who is the DJ

One of the most important questions for me is who will actually be the DJ at my party. There are many multi-op companies around who will just send any DJ to your booking and often with little or no information about the party. These companies hire DJs good and bad, often anyone who isn't booked already. It really can be potluck!

So, some stuff to think on. If you'd like to know more about what I can offer service wise give me a call on 07962143680 or email

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