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What do we mean by Exclusive?

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

As the business has grown we have also moved direction. We spent the first 5 years trying to be like every other DJ/Disco Company out there thinking that they were all doing it right. It was only once I got this far into the journey that I realised being unique and different was a far better direction to travel in, and thus our unique selling point was born.

Exclusive means two things to me, the first is a focus on you the client, and second is a focus on being a DJ above all else.

As my client I want your booking to be the only thing on my mind that day. Something a lot of companies do is try to maximise profit by filling the day beginning to end with jobs. Sometimes even having more than one DJ working for them. While they are doing that, I'm preparing the gear, reading your emails and the planner, looking at routes, making sure every thing is running smooth and fine. If there is traffic I can leave early, I'm not stuck somewhere else. It lets me travel further afield and it allows me to arrive fresh, full of energy and ready to party. Do you really want a DJ there who has already been on his feet 5 hrs or having put up 3 bouncy castles and a photobooth?

Another thing I have tried but stepped back from is offering multiple services. Many companies will use Photobooths or Sweet Trolleys as a loss leader to help secure bookings. There are many "Entertainments" companies who will offer everything as one package. Room Dressing, Carnival Letters, Singing sets. For me this is the same as above, diluting the time focussing on DJing at your party.

If your not self-employed your probably going to work an 8hr shift (typically), and you will know at the end of the day your ready to put your feet up. Imagine being the person who's already done 8hrs before arriving to DJ your party. I can tell you for fact as I've done it that your drained, concentration is down, mood is low, feet and back hurting and you don't have 100% to give.

I've made these mistakes myself, I've tried to follow the masses but experience has taught me I get better feedback, happier clients and do a better job when I am just booked to DJ. So that's why I now choose to be Exclusive and have one client per day and a maximum of 3 gigs per week.

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