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What makes us different?

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

People often think, I'm just booking a DJ aren't they all the same? This post will try to explain why we are not and what specifically makes me stand out from the rest of the pack.

This is a series of posts I've copied over from our Facebook page.

My Lighting

My light show is one of the many things that helps us stand out from your run of the mill mobile disco service.

What you have probably seen in the past is a T-bar or overhead stand above the DJ with loads of random lights attached just flashing away and doing nothing in particular to enhance the show. It's how I started and got sick of photographers complaining about spots of colour and lasers in photos or people having issue with random strobing or lights in their eyes.

My current light show has been designed to be fully under my control, using high quality matched luminaires that produce great effects and work in tandem with the music. The full show couples 4 moving heads fitted with custom gobos, with wash from 4 par cans and optional room uplights. It's all controlled from a touch screen tablet which makes changing the theme fast and simple.

We are even looking for the next improvement currently to bring you an even better light show and experience. Our current show can't really be given a price due to the custom work done converting the lights to wireless DMX, but there has been heavy investment in making it one of the best light shows in the area.

Online Planning and Ease of Booking

How about a simple booking process that takes all the stress out of arranging your DJ. We use DJ event planner, an award winning system to handle booking and allow clients to do many actions once there on the system.

The booking system is mostly automated so once you have a quote, you get a link to complete a booking form so there can be no error in passing information over the phone. From there you get your contract and official confirmation and access to the planner. On the planner you can add your fav songs, send messages, make payments and use any of the planning tools to make your event run smoothly. Need to change the times, that fine as our service is exclusive and we know things can change.

Even if you need our PLI or PAT documents, there are just a click away. It's just one less thing to stress about when your sifting through a dozen quotes. Find the Disco Couture quote and press reply and your in safe hands.

We Care

We care! There are literally hundreds of DJs out there, most do this simply as a job to earn money, others do it because its a passion. For me both are true but I also care about people. I want your experience to be enjoyable and stress free. I want you to get the package you need - no overselling, no pushing extras. I want clients to know that their DJ is experienced, committed and reliable. I want clients to have a great night.

Untold hours have been spent on stuff you'll never see. Back up plans, product testing, practicing mixing and listening to new music, programming light shows, I won't bore you with the rest. So many DJs out there just buy some equipment that will do and push it till its needs replaced. Not us, we invest wisely, replace often and maintain it to a high standard but also we never skimp and put in the basics.

In nearly 1000 bookings over the last ten years, no one has been let down, no one has left us a negative review and nobody has said we weren't worth the money they paid.


You might think I am crazy here but advertising budget. Many companies spend a great deal each month going to wedding fayres, using google adwords, placing adverts in wedding magazines or brochures and paying for social media experts.

I can tell you now that they don't do that from their own pockets and the clients end up footing the bill. I work with a few selected quotation sites, I run and manage my own website and social media and I get a lot of my work from word of mouth from the hundreds of satisfied clients we have.

I also don't use price drop tactics, starting high then offering a booking discount to lure you in. The price I offer is the price I think is fair for my level of service, the details you have provided, and only contains a tiny portion to cover advertising. I'll be honest I'm not a salesman and many of my competition are very good at selling and sales tactics.

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