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What's been happening since Covid

Well lets just say its been very very busy.

During the summer of 2021 we were finally allowed to get back out to work and behind the decks and let me tell you with all the rescheduling of about 18 months worth of bookings that summer was my busiest time ever. So much so that I probably over did it and ended the year not wanting to do another gig.

During the period I wasn't able to work I'd tried my hand as a delivery driver but then moved onto training as an Advanced Driving Instructor passing my part one and two tests. I then spent 11 months teaching students to drive during the daytime and doing a few gigs at the weekends.

My record was very good but after about 6 months I was having doubts it was something I wanted to continue with and give up DJing to do full time. It was a very hard decision but both financially and enjoyment wise DJing was the better job and what I wanted to spend all my work time doing.

I had my first holiday overseas since Covid began and boy did I have a good time. Singing in the karaoke bars, walking on the beaches, driving buggies, eating and drinking. But best of all spending time with my family.

I've celebrated my 25th and 26th wedding anniversaries since the end of Covid. We were robbed our big holiday away for the 25th which will now be done for 30 years but me and my wife are still very much in love having the times of our lives.

I also finally got to have my graduation. If you previously followed the blog I'd decided back in 2018 decided to start a BA Hons course in Photography, Video and Digital Imaging which I completed during Covid. I graduated with first class honours but had to wait till 2022 for my actual graduation celebration.

I've also been back at the Blue Bell Pub in Jesmond Vale every Friday night entertaining the regulars, the students and a few friends. This makes the residency 4 years old and is something I very much plan to keep going. Yes I could make far more doing DJ jobs but I love my karaoke night and am part of the family there with a great relationship with the landlords.

There is a load more stuff too but the great news is... DJing is the future for now and booking are coming in, I had took my foot off the gas a little but that just means where other companies are fully booked, I can look after those who are booking later.

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