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What will we do with the Drunken DJ!

Something that surprises me is the number of DJs and other "Entertainers" who seem to think it’s OK to have a drink while working. In fact, in hallowed places where only DJs dare lurk, I've even heard it said some struggle to find the bottle to pick up the mic or need a drink to loosen up or gain their stage confidence.

I heard a recent horror story where a DJ arrived to do an early afternoon christening party and was already half cut. Things like this really boil my blood as they tarnish the whole trade and it's simply something we would never do or allow. Imaging going into your place of work and having a couple of Lagers while you do whatever it is you do for a living. I mean it sounds great but what would your boss or customer have to say?

It's not just because it lacks professionality either. I don't believe in drinking and driving and my large van is slightly harder than a car to get about and could do a lot more damage. Secondly, I'm liable for my actions and equipment so if I'm under the influence of alcohol would my insurance be happy to still cover me? Also, when dealing with the public who might have had a drink, you need to maintain your focus and manners.

I normally take my drink with me when I am working as some venues can have a pretty hefty price for even just a coke, I think over £5 is the most and 75p in a social club being the least. I carry drinks in the van and luckily, I'm not a big drinker at all, probably once or twice a year. Rest assured when it comes to your event no alcohol will pass the lips of a DJ supplied by Disco Couture.

The last thing you want at your party is a DJ with a skin-full, the lack of inhibition and body control is a recipe for an end to the night you never quite planned. Mixing will suffer, selection will suffer, your requests might go out the window and the line between client and company might become a little blurred. Choose a company that has a no drinking policy, choose a company that puts its professional image before its bar tab.

Andy P

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