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Your First Dance in Style

Our advice to couple which they often ask for is to make sure you give plenty of time and thought to your first dance as its a highlight of the evening. Some couples don't bother and while we totally respect that and understand that we aren't all dancers, it makes a fabulous photo/video opportunity, is great for family and friends to surround you and is part of the long lasting traditions of the day.

So what do you have to consider?

Song Choice

This is where we say forget what is popular, what is current and what others are having. Make the song personal to you as a couple. It should also be kept a surprise and something to reveal on the night. The song should make you relax, remind you of why you're together and send shivers down your back. The tempo should be something your comfortable with and don't make it too long, around 3-4 mins is great, 5 can feel like a lifetime.

Version Control

Just telling a DJ the song name is not enough. I've been caught out by all sorts over the years, so I urge couple to send me a youtube link to their chosen song so I can ensure I have the correct version for the big day. There are artists who have 2 songs of the same title, there are bands who have 12 remixes of a certain track, there are fast and slow versions. Its best to have us both working from the same sheet and the last thing a DJ wants to receive is a CD on the day that won't play.

Guest Participation

In many instances the happy couple decide that they would like either the bridal party or all guests to join in part way through the dance. All you really need to do is provide the photographer enough time to get some nice photos. The floor being full can also be a great photo opportunity and can save the need for a second dance. Speak with your DJ about the track and if it is a good one for getting the family and friends up.

The Timing of the Dance

The traditional time is around half an hour after the evening guests arrive. This means the stragglers have time to arrive and if your planning a big entrance your not out of the room for too long. The first dance can often also follow the cutting of the cake (although sometimes this is done during the day). The first dance is named so because it is supposed to be the first time people dance so doing it too late might eat into your party time, too early and all your guests may not be in the room.

The Dancing

There are generally two ways to go, a nice simple waltz style dance where you embrace, kiss and rotate so people can see you from all around. The second is a more elaborate routine to WOW! the guests and leave them with something to talk about. If your going for the big routine make sure you practice along with the music. You don't really have to be the best dancer either to pull off a fun routine. Better still get the bridal party involved with some kind of flash mob. You will probably do this but once so make sure it's one to remember.

Andy P

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