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Client Reviews - Why they matter

A stone cold fact is 9/10 consumers look at reviews before buying, this is pretty similar with couples looking to book suppliers for their weddings. And why not, we all know there is good and bad out there.

It wasn't directed at me, but I was horrified the other day when someone looking for a Wedding DJ via a group on Facebook suggested that all these flashy sites had fake testimonials on them. But then I thought about it, had a look and if I'm honest on most of the sites I looked there was no way to check or see if reviews were credible.

Sharing Reviews

Because it means a lot to me I like to make little testimonial tiles, I've done this for about 2 years. Party because they look nice and in the age of Instagram and Tik-Tok we need to catch peoples eyes or lose them to the next image/video. I use them on my website, and I also keep them to read and remind me of my value and how I've made people feel.

Fake it till you make it

So how to check they are valid? Mine are 95% lifted from either one of Facebook, Google or a lead company like Add to Event or Pop Top. For the latter you need to have done a verified event. I know the likes of Google and Facebook you can get friends to drop a review so I always get a photo of the couple to use in the feedback.

The other 5% of the review I have have came from postcards or personal messages sent. Again I often find when I post the feedback the client will like or comment showing its legitimacy.

Tell me how I did

It's my policy to invite clients to let me know what they think. Every gig is different and how I work is very reactionary to what is going on around me. I wouldn't kid anyone to think I live in fairy land where everything I touch is gold and perfect. That why I'm open to any criticism. Having open channels is the best way get clients to speak to me. I want them to come back.

Reviews that are right for you

Another thing I observed was DJs with 300 reviews, and real or not they were for 2hr kids parties where they were pushing them out 4 a day. This says nothing for how they will handle your wedding or corporate event.

Make sure reviews you take time to read reflect the event you are holding. Its why I feel being a specialist is important, and a real specialist means practically every review I post is about weddings and they are relevant to other weddings.

Summing it all up

Please do keep the reviews coming in, please do read my reviews before you book and if you want to check its valid ask me where you can verify it. I don't really advertise my services as I fill the diary year on year because of recommendations and people who have seen my work. If I still had a mission statement it would be all about openness and honesty as I believe that is the best way for people to know the real person behind the business name.

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